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Where can i download Samurai Deeper Kyo episodes without ever using megaupload or rapidshare?

i hate using megaupload and rapidshare. please help me solved this problem.

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There is always the all-famous and all-hail http://www.bakabt.com.Or there is reality-lapse at http://realitylapse.com/videos/samurai-deeper-kyo.php And there is also animea.net, the links are here:- http://www.animea.net/download/21/Samurai+Deeper+Kyo.html!!!
loved it personelly. Hope u enjoy it too!!! :D HOPE THAT HELPED

Anyone knows anonymous proxy that i can use to download any file from megaupload?

I need your help, block to many websites and i like download file from megaupload.I already found a lot of bypass proxy but all of them i cannot use to download file from megaupload.Help me please..

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Is downloading drum and sound kits from MegaUpload illegal?

I came across a drum kit i’ve been looking for on MegaUpload but I’m not sure if it’s legal. I know downloading music and movies and all that is illegal but are drum and sound kits illegal to download.

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Is there a website like Megaupload or Rapidshare?

I need a website where I can store some files like Megaupload or Rapidshare but membership has to be free. Please help me. Thanks in advance.

Chosen Answer:

depositfiles and ziddu are two file hosting service provider.You can also earn from each download.

How can i use the multiple files from megaupload?

I downloaded a software from megaupload but it has 7 separated files. the direction was to use archivers to extract but i dont get it. how can i join these files together. i am a free megaupload user

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Is there a jailbroken app that keeps downloaded files like megaupload or rapidshare?

I’m trying to download video files from websites like megaupload and rapidshare from my iPod touch. But after downloading the file I cannot find it. I want to know if there is an app that keeps these videos. This would really help!

Chosen Answer:

If there is one out there you might be able to find it at http://mashable.com/2008/06/25/jailbroken-iphone-apps/

How fast do megaupload premium members download?

I’m a free member on megaupload right now, and during peak hours of the day, I only download around 60-75kb/sec. How much of a difference is it if I upgrade to a premium member?

Chosen Answer:

here is how to download at premium speeds on megaupload:

register at


then copy and paste the url of the download into the box beside “megaupload or megarotic url”

then copy and paste the premium that appears into a new page/tab and voila! premium download speeds, no waiting, multiple downloads at one time and download manager support!

oh yes, expect around 500-800 kbps download speeds on very fast internet (like mine, at 54Mbps dl speed), you’ll see faster downloads in general.

Is there a way to download mega toolbar on megaupload without admin rights? Thanks?

I want it cause I wanna use Happy Hour on megaupload.

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