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What is the premium link generator for Megaupload?

What is the hack site or the premium link generator (service) for Megaupload in downloading PSP games? And can you add some details about it’s limitations.

Chosen Answer:

It’s www.megafast.info. In the site, the limitations are already said there. But since you asked. Then okay. Some of it’s limitations is that it doesn’t allow to download files which are bigger than 500mb. Only one IP will be allowed to generate 3 premium link in 24 hours.

If you really want to download many games in a day, also use www.megadl.info. It has some problems and limitations too but it’s useful though. Sometimes you can get invalid link for some downloads. Very fast speed for downloading Megaupload files. A limit of 600mb in one IP a day but you can download many links as long as it doesn’t exceed. Pretty much the same with the first one but it’s faster.